An application that helps you choose the Theme brand fragrances for a specific occasion or mood. There are the following selection criteria: season (what time of the year the scent will open better); purpose (under what circumstances will you use the fragrance, for example, in the office); positioning (Theme fragrances are divided into dominant (upper) and submissive (lower) fragrances); character (group of aromas, basic notes that characterize the aroma); scent effect (the effect that scent has on the wearer and others, such as a warming effect).
Android version can be downloaded from the link: download
Windows version can be downloaded from the link: download

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Theme Fragrance Advisor. Экран 2
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In each of the presented blocks of criteria, check the boxes that interest you.
You can exclude an entire block from the search by clicking on its heading.
The disabled block will turn gray, its points will not be taken into account in the search.

The "OFF / ON" button allows you to disable / enable all units at once.
Disabling all blocks is convenient if you want to view descriptions of all fragrances.

After selecting the parameters of interest, click on the ">" button, the application will go to the results screen. On this screen you will see a list of fragrances that match the search parameters.

Clicking on the short description of the fragrance will take you to the detailed description screen.
Here you can enlarge the pictures by clicking on them.

At the bottom of the screen there is a button with a shopping cart icon, clicking on it will take you to the Theme online store.