Each fragrance must be tasted on the skin in order to be adequately appreciated. All people have different skin chemistry, which leads to a different disclosure of aroma, durability and sillage. The best time to pick up perfume is in the morning, on a clear head and an empty stomach, for women, preferably in the first 10 days of the cycle.

If you choose in a perfume store, then apply the selected fragrances first to the blotters, what you like - apply to the skin. Then it is worth leaving the store to give the sense of smell a break from the mixture of aromas sprayed into the air. Next comes the assessment of the aroma on the street, at home, etc.

By the way, the smell of coffee will not help to fully switch to another aroma. The brightness of coffee can trick the brain, but not clear the receptors themselves, unlike plain pure water. We recommend that you take a bottle of water before going to the store.


A good rule of thumb is to purchase a sample or cast of the scent you like, this will allow you to carry it for several days, in different weather, humidity, etc. Aromas are revealed in different ways at different times of the year: in autumn and winter oriental, spicy and woody aromas are usually perfectly revealed, in spring floral and aldehydic, in summer fresh floral, aquatic and citrus.

For example, from our collection in winter, Trust, Right, Obedience are beautiful; in the fall - Strength (it is best combined with a walk in the autumn forest); in the spring - Power and Initiation, in the summer - Freedom and Security.

Despite the numerous recommendations on the correct wearing of perfume, it is worth remembering: what you wear is fashionable and when you want it. The main thing is to know when to stop.


Where to apply the scent:

  • for a bright disclosure - to pulse points. Here, the skin is warmest and the fragrance evaporates faster, therefore, the durability may suffer somewhat. By rubbing the fragrance between your wrists, you just help it develop faster by increasing the evaporation area, so this is not necessary. Let the myth of the destruction of molecules by rubbing remain a myth;

  • for a stable and long-lasting sound - on hair and clothes. However, this way of wearing can be tiring as the scent does not change during the day. It is also worth considering that some of the natural ingredients contained in perfumes are capable of dyeing clothes;

  • for an unobtrusive sound, if the aroma smothers - on the back, under the hair on the back of the head, as far from the face as possible.

There are also options for applying to the fingertips, on the stomach or under the knees, the main thing is that the scent pleases you.

Getting used to the scent, we stop hearing it, so the perfume needs to be changed, giving the brain the opportunity to switch.

In the cultural environment, there is a principle of perfumery courtesy: the aromatic trail should be heard at arm's length, no further. For some fragrances, 2-3 sprays are enough, and for some, one application with namaz is enough. It is also worth listening to the opinions of relatives and colleagues: if they are not comfortable / do not like your scent, it is worth reducing its use or completely abandoning it (no one canceled allergies and individual reactions, even the banal "dislike").

Remember: everyone has different tastes, perception and olfactory experience too, let's be polite to each other!