One day during a session, I put the flogger on the dresser without noticing that I touched the perfume bottle. Some spirits spilled directly onto the flogger's tails. Of course, in the middle of the session, this "minor" incident was immediately forgotten.

The perfume was experimental - Selena had just tested a new formula.

The incident with the overturned bottle was not recalled until the next session.

This time, when the flogger's tails began to touch the hot skin, on which beads of sweat appeared, an interesting smell of expensive perfume with leather notes and hints of spices appeared in the air.

We did not immediately understand what was the matter, but after detente, lying in bed and sharing our impressions, we began to think about a new (unusual) scent. The smell that filled the room, which so dramatically enhanced the emotional impact of the session, was new and exciting.

Then I remembered the episode with the spilled bottle, and the picture came together: experimental perfume, mixed with the smell of leather and sweat, created a very interesting sound.

The very same perfume, already in a slightly modified version, you can hear by opening a bottle with a fragrance called POWER.

Then there were other experiments, which gave rise to a number of fragrances for different thematic moods, each of which reveals its own authentic message.

This is how the idea of creating the Theme brand was born from one aromatic incident, opening a new Thematic facet.