For a woman who has realized herself as a lower one, the collar and the process of accepting it from the Dominant becomes a significant event, a symbol of reconciliation with her inner essence. In the practice of BDSM, it is this attribute that has the most powerful psychological effect. The symbol of submission, external control can have a serious impact on personal self-perception during sessions and outside the "game rooms", despite the fact that the sub in everyday life acts quite independently.

Are collars worn by Dominants

It is believed that the Dominant is free to do whatever he wants. Magazines, photos and videos show collars on the "dominant" characters. This detail betrays amateurs who decide to experiment.

The collar is a symbol of submission, acceptance of the Master's power. Sometimes this accessory can be seen on the "upper" ones. This is a sign that:

  • or a person is just getting acquainted with the practices, has not yet realized the meaning of the attribute;

  • or he is someone's submissive.

Here you can use a simple rule: answer yourself honestly, are you ready to follow orders, accept someone else's will and be led. If so, then the collar is your attribute.

Collars stylized as necklaces, chokers, remain the same collars in their Thematic sense, an element denoting a subordinate position. Often, submissives wear chokers or decorative counterparts in public, so as not to shock others, while at home they “dress up” into practical options.

Acceptable Accessory Materials

In principle, the set of materials is standard - natural, artificial leather, fabric options, metal. At session meetings, improvised means can also be used, for example, a rope, belt, scarf. The choice largely depends on the intended scenario of the session. If the scenario assumes acquaintance with a new sub, then you should not immediately chain it in metal and proceed to extreme practices. You can use a ribbon, which is used to tie up bouquets of flowers. I'm sure your potential sub will experience a certain thrill. If this is not your first meeting and you have already moved to a more serious level of relationship, then you have probably tried certain practices. In this case, the collar is no longer just a beautiful thing, but a real device - an auxiliary means to achieve goals. He must be not so much beautiful as reliable in order to fulfill his role flawlessly. If the collar can be ripped off without much effort, then it cannot be used in sessions, let it remain a beautiful little thing for walking in public. Some subs literally test the strength of the shackles, trying to break or break. Women at this moment demonstrate a force that is unusual for ordinary life. Strong material literally makes you surrender, accept your submission to another person. Some, as a result of such a "defeat" in the fight against the device, manage to survive a deep subspace.

Where can one buy

If you have acquired a subwoofer, where can you buy an accessory? The most affordable option is to walk to the nearest pet store. There you can choose affordable, but high-quality leather, metal collars from the assortment "for large breeds." Here you need to be careful with all kinds of "strokachi" - animals have coarse skins and wool that protect against mechanical damage, but for the neck of the sub, you need to choose an accessory without rivets, inserts that can rub, scratch or injure.

Other places to buy.

  • Shops of subcultural paraphernalia - punks, goths, anime people are also not averse to trying on collars.

  • Intimate shops, their online counterparts.

Some couples start trying on an accessory right in the presence of the seller and other buyers. It can be quite funny, but remember, not everyone around you is ready to adequately perceive your reality.

How to attach a collar to a saba

The neck is not only the female erogenous zone. Large arteries, vessels that transport blood and oxygen to the brain pass through it. Putting the collar on the sub, the Dominant must make sure that the accessory does not overtighten the skin and blood vessels. Fingers should pass freely under the accessory.

The dominant should be able to freely take the sub by the collar - if possible, then he is dressed correctly.

If the accessory is buttoned too tightly, during prolonged wearing, the sub may experience discomfort and skin irritation. Another disadvantage is that it will become a hindrance during oral sex.

You can attach a leash to the device, if you wish. The collar can be supplemented with rings, attachment loops. When fixing the product above the head of the sub, be extremely careful - in the event of loss of consciousness, fall, impaired coordination of movements, the ward may be seriously injured. The attribute must not create life-threatening situations.

You also need to be careful when interacting with subs who have unstable emotional reactions. Such women can behave extremely impulsively - attacks of shame, aggression, panic attacks roll on them, under the influence of which they can harm themselves. In this case, the removal of the restraining element will signal the sub to return to its normal state.

Attitude of submissive women to an accessory

Many consider the moment of being put into a collar as a triggering button for transferring oneself into the dominion's power. Women can experience the brightest emotions at the moment of the initiation ceremony, when the Master recognizes his saba, putting a leather accessory around the neck of a completely naked woman. Putting on and taking off the collar are symbolic, ritual actions.

No less exciting for the sub is the admission to the Master's bed, the opportunity to sleep next to him. In this case, Saba does not take off the accessory and sleeps in it, which greatly enhances the feeling of belonging and affection. Although there are submissive women for whom the BDSM element is not such a significant attribute, they perceive it only as a role symbol.

If for the sub, the collar becomes the personification of a comfortable state in submission to the Dominant, then even psychological dependence is formed. In the practice of BDSM, it is not uncommon for a subwoofer to plead with the Master not to remove the collar from her.

Wearing a collar in everyday life

Simple, smooth training patterns can come in handy for the dominant. "Basic training" involves the gradual adaptation of the bottom to the accessory. Some use inexpensive canine options that are subtle.

If the couple decided to continue the relationship after training, the Dominant acquires a better and more expensive option for the sub. Often even custom-made collars are specially ordered.

Some subs wear the "symbol of submission" all the time. At the same time, it is recommended to come up with a legend in advance for accidentally met acquaintances "out of topic" or curious passers-by. The collar will also serve as a signal to other BDSM practitioners that someone's property is in front of them.

The role of the collar for the bottom cannot be overemphasized, as well as the role of smells and aromas. In intimate and everyday life, scents play a leading role in the perception of the image of a partner. One of such fragrances for the saba should be the Theme perfume - this is the invisible but tangible presence of the Theme. The lower aromas reveal soft, plastic, submissive notes of flowers, greenery, purity and sweetness. The top fragrances have a dominant, harsh character: they include animalic notes, notes of leather, wood, spices, metal. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our line of Thematic Fragrances and choose a perfume that emphasizes your true essence.