The Lisa met James on her knees, in a posture of submission, as required by tradition. The owner stroked the head of the sub, accepting her greeting. The girl pressed her cheek to the Boss's thigh and rubbed herself against him, ready to purr. James gave Lisa an opportunity to cuddle, then gestured to her to get to her feet. She accepted from the Boss his weekend clothes to hang neatly in the closet, in return helped put on a dressing gown, after which James went to the bathroom, and Lisa served dinner at the table.

“Lisa, I've decided to take a vacation,” James said, setting his glass of wine on the table and pausing to watch the sub's reaction.

The girl smiled, her eyes sparkling with curiosity. James decided to create a little intrigue and continued from afar:

- I remember once you liked a French film, you were impressed the whole evening.

“The film was called Amelie,” Lisa nodded in response.

“So, since my girl has been behaving well lately, we are going to Paris tomorrow,” James said.

- Woof! - Lisa responded, forgetting her native language with delight, she really wanted to wag her tail, if she had it now.


Puppy delight did not leave Lisa's face all the way to the Paris hotel located in the center of Montmartre. Only during takeoff and landing did she experience some tension, biting her nails into James's hand, but James did not bring his subwoofer down for such a gesture, realizing that many air passengers have similar experiences.

Upon arrival at the hotel, Lisa first of all dragged the Boss to walk around Montmartre, she really wanted to visit the places seen in the film. The couple visited the same vegetable shop, they walked along the embankment of the Saint-Martin canal and stopped to take a breath in the cafe "Two Mills", where the heroine of the film worked. After the cafe, James and Lisa climbed to the Sacre Coeur, the highest point in Paris. They arrived at the place by funicular. Small, fantastic-looking wagons, crawling along the mountain at a snail's speed, delighted Lisa. James was moved by how his companion rejoiced like a child.

Иллюстрация к рассказу "Экскурсия на всю ночь". Фотосессия у Сакре-Кер

Back at the hotel, James and Lisa realized that the noise of the central streets, crowded museums and other bustle did not appeal to them too much. They decided to avoid the motley crowds of tourists and devote time to walking along the quiet streets and observing the life of the locals.

On one of these streets, a medieval knight in metal armor literally swooped in on a couple. James stepped forward, between the armored man and the Lisa. The "knight" from surprise began to back away, but stumbled and, rattling his armor, fell on his back. For a while, he absurdly waved his arms and legs, trying to roll over on his stomach to try to get up, but he could not succeed. Lisa's tears were already flowing from laughter, and James held out his hand to the unlucky hero. Standing firmly on his feet, the "knight" first of all thanked for the help and introduced himself. It turned out that Richard works as a street barker in the recently opened museum of medieval torture, and he would be glad to see them as visitors to his institution, despite such a comical acquaintance.

After paying 5 euros to enter the iron man Richard, our couple began to descend down the steps leading to the basement. There were many steps, the entrance led visitors deep underground, where he met them with a closed iron door. Opening the door, everyone who took a step beyond the threshold began to experience surprise - how huge and impressive the room turned out to be.

The brickwork of the walls extended into high vaulted ceilings, and seemingly endless tunnels ran along the four cardinal points. Each of the tunnels ended in a spacious hall that had absorbed exhibits of the types of executions. So in one of the halls they were hung on chains, and in the other they were stretched on a rack, in the third they were tortured with fire, in the fourth they were put in cages.

In the museum, James and Lisa were completely alone and could afford to leisurely explore information boards that told about the use of equipment that had become history.

Chains hung from the vaulted ceiling right in the center of one of the halls, ending in iron handcuffs. The fox went to the chains and stroked them. The thoughts came to her mind about how, standing in front of the next masterpiece in a museum, you feel excitement at the sight of an object that you have heard and read so much about. What a pity that the masterpiece cannot be touched, touched, felt the roughness of the canvas and the matte velvet of the paint. Surrendering to her thoughts, the girl could not resist - she put her left hand in the handcuff and closed it. A wave of excitement immediately ran through her body, and her lower abdomen ached sweetly. The fox closed her eyes and indulged in fantasies.

James did not interfere with Lisa, watching her from the side - he knew what a gigantic wave of passion now overwhelms his sub.


Waking up in the morning, Fox did not find James in bed. She ran around the room, checked the bathroom, even looked out into the corridor, being completely naked. She was very worried about the question: where did the Boss disappear? When the first wave of excitement subsided, Lisa once again walked around the room, this time trying to pay attention to the details by which she could restore the picture of James' disappearance. But Lisa did not find any details with a criminal connotation. But I found a note left by James, which said that the Boss had gone on business and would be back soon. The note not only calmed Lisa, but also greatly lifted her spirits, since the postscript contained instructions to put himself in order and, wearing a black bandage over his eyes, await the Master's arrival. Lisa realized that a pleasant surprise awaited her and began to prepare for the Master's arrival. First of all, after a shower, the girl hastened to put on the Mark Theme fragrance, which she associated with the brightest Thematic experiences. After admiring her reflection in the mirror, dressed in a new black dress, Lisa moved to the chair. Making herself comfortable, she put on a blindfold over her eyes and waited for the Master.


Once in the taxi, James checked that the blindfold was tightly covering the eyes of the sub, and only then ordered the driver "Let's go." Lisa lost count of the number of turns the taxi took until the couple arrived. Finally the car stopped and James opened the passenger door. Once on the sidewalk, he helped Lisa to leave the salon. The girl's eyes were still covered with a thick black cloth. They began to descend the steps. James held Lisa neatly, but firmly, not letting her stumble. The girl began to think that the steps lead to infinity, to another dimension. Finally, the steps ended, and Lisa took a breath. James fastened the leash to Lisa's collar and led on, without removing the blindfold from the girl's eyes. By the sound of footsteps, Lisa understood that they had entered a spacious hall. James pulled the girl to him by the leash and whispered in his ear:

“Your role for the next eight hours is to be the one accused of witchcraft. I am the one who will investigate your case.

- Yes, Master, - answered the Fox.

The owner put the saba on his knees and removed the blindfold from his eyes. The fox slowly began to look around. After visiting the museum, she saw stone walls, lattices, chains hanging from the ceiling, shackles and various devices that make it easier for interrogators to get the necessary information. The girl understood - they were in the same museum, and the hot, full of excitement swept through her body again.

“Sit still, don't move,” came the voice of the Master.

The fox immediately straightened her back and, folding her hands behind her back, directed her gaze down in front of her.

- Accused, you are attributed to excessive lust and excessive beauty, which can only be achieved by practicing black magic. You are accused of a deal with the Devil.

James said these words so affirmatively that Fox involuntarily flinched.

- You will be subjected to corporal execution, we must be convinced of your guilt. A venerable court cannot rely on hearsay alone - guilt must be proven.

Judge - The Boss continued his accusatory speech in the same firm, uncompromising voice, but Lisa reacted quite differently - her lips spread into a sweet smile from anticipation of further action.

After finishing his accusatory speech, James told Lisa to get to her feet and stretch her arms forward. The girl's wrists were wrapped in heavy iron shackles, locked with a massive lock. Cold iron was also wrapped around the ankles. As soon as the Master closed the last lock on the chains, the Fox felt a strong wave of excitement, her knees buckled slightly, and her lower abdomen ached sweetly. The first orgasm covered the girl when James closed the iron collar on her. The man held Lisa in his arms until she regained consciousness.

Иллюстрация к рассказу "Экскурсия на всю ночь". Экзекуция

James shook Lisa lightly to make sure that the girl had come to her senses and was ready to continue. Taking the end of the chain from the collar of the saba, the Boss led the girl to the X-shaped cross, the first of today's "tools for extracting the truth from the victim."

The cross reliably held Lisa in its arms, excluding any possibility of finding freedom on its own, and at the same time insuring against falling to the stone floor if she lost consciousness from an endless series of pleasure.

After making sure the Lisa was securely anchored to the cross, James removed the rolled whip from the wall. He unhurriedly unfolded it to its full length, put the handle more securely in his palm and made a test wave.


Then there were other tools: rears, suspensions, blocks, chambers with bars, where the sub could take a breath in order to again and again expose the body to the blows of the whip and firm confident male hands of the Master. Pain and pleasure merged into one endless tangle of emotional experiences and physical sensations.

- Accused, do you recognize yourself as a witch? James asked.

- Yes, yes, yes, and, damn it, I'm infinitely happy about that, - Lisa whispered with her last bit of strength, and her consciousness left her after an endless series of pain and orgasms.

James carefully freed Lisa from all bonds, wrapped the girl in a warm woolen blanket and carried her in a taxi.

Upon reaching the hotel, the Boss put the sub to bed. The fox breathed calmly and evenly, a happy smile did not leave her face, it looked like the girl was dreaming of something pleasant. After laying Fox down, James went to the shower, and when he returned, he found the girl still sleeping sweetly, nothing could disturb her sleep.

Иллюстрация к рассказу "Экскурсия на всю ночь". Сабспейс

I must admit that he himself was pretty exhausted. He put the Do Not Disturb sign on the doorknob and went to bed. He grabbed Lisa in an armful and, inhaling the natural aroma of her body, also fell asleep.

The Lisa slept for twelve hours straight and finally opened her eyes. Her thoughts were still confused, consciousness could not divide the world into a beautiful fairy tale and everyday reality. Turning her head, the girl saw the sleeping Master next to her, gently lifting the blanket, she ducked under it to snuggle up to the hot male body. Lisa put her ear to James's chest, she liked listening to his measured breathing and the even beat of his heart. After enjoying the music of the peaceful sleep of a loved one, Lisa gently slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom. The girl's legs gave way slightly when walking, her nipples ached sweetly, her body ached pleasantly in different places, and her buttocks gave off a cozy warmth, like smoldering embers in a home fireplace. But the brain stubbornly refused to accept the impending reality after sleep. The fox could not fully understand - everything that happened to her over the past day was just a delightful dream or a magical reality.

Only when she saw the reflection of her naked body, Lisa began to realize that this was not a dream. She spun in front of the mirror, like a girl trying on a new dress, and admired the marks left by the whip and the numerous "torture" instruments. Her lips parted again in that carefree smile of pleasure when she confessed to the Master of her witchcraft nature.