The Theme is impossible without the appropriate attributes. Someone, shocking others, demonstratively wraps their body with latex, others snap a brutal collar around their neck. But among real Themes it is not accepted to behave defiantly.

The Theme is a private matter for each individual couple.

It is rare to find a submissive in a public place chained and on a leash. Such magic is done away from prying eyes, behind a closed door, only for initiates. It is not so much a matter of public morality as of the very sacrament created between partners.

Let the mystery remain a mystery.

However, this secret has one more facet - the desire of the submissive to externally express his affection for the Master. Silently shout about their belonging, about their exclusivity, about love for the Master.
Then the submissive adds some attribute to her permanent wardrobe, emphasizing her exclusivity.

And there is no better item for this role than a collar.

The submissive feels a special thrill at the moment of its initiation, when the Master agrees to accept the submissive and fastens a collar around her neck. Noting the peculiarity of the event, the Master presents a custom-made collar. Tastefully made, it is now an integral, permanent part of the submissive’s wardrobe. It does not cause dissonance among others, while carrying a clear signal of belonging. However, the toilet is not limited to the external details of clothing...

Aromas that can complement, reveal, and sometimes completely change the portrait of the wearer carry colossal power.

If the submissive in the crowd can be distinguished by the collar, then with the Dominant, a completely different story. Most often, the real Dominant does not externally distinguish himself in any way. At the same time, having a sense of taste, he is able to emphasize his status, convey his mood with the help of perfume.
A correctly selected aroma will tell the Saba about the Master's intention to hold a memorable session or a quiet evening by the fireplace, with the ward comfortably nestling at his feet. It is a special pleasure for the submissive to wear a scent that emphasizes her belonging, devotion, or to wear the scent that the Master assigns to her.

Each Thematic Couple establishes its own order of relations, as if creating an art canvas from separate sketches. Such a canvas is always unique, full of nuances, it can be called an object of art.
Likewise, a good perfume is a piece of art that cannot be repeated without knowing the secret of the fragrance formula.

Correctly selected fragrances can create the right atmosphere no less than any of the available aphrodisiacs, thereby opening a new Thematic facet.